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Ducky Glow Lamp

Ducky Glow Lamp

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Soothing Light for Softer Dreams.

☀️Touch-Activated Brightness: Simply tap to switch between three levels of luminosity. Glide from a tender glow to a bright beam with just a soft touch.

🕹️Night Light & Toy: Not only is it a practical bedside lamp, but it also serves as an engaging toy. Featuring a duck animal design and made of high-quality, food-grade soft material silicone, it is both water-resistant and drop-resistant, ensuring a safe experience for your child

🌜 Calming Sleep Atmosphere: Mimicking the calming effect of a setting sun with its 3000K warm light temperature, the lamp fosters a restful environment conducive to sleep. The gentle emission of light provides a cue to the body's natural sleep rhythms, assisting in a peaceful transition to sleep.

👶 Soft & Secure Material: Embracing safety and comfort, this lamp is made from soft, baby-friendly silicone that cushions against bumps and falls. The gentle, tactile surface invites curious hands to explore, squeeze, and enjoy without the worry of breakage or harm.

🎁 Your Best Gift: The perfect present for friends, children, or even yourself! It's also an amazing choice for Valentine's Day, birthdays, children's day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. Versatile for any occasion, whether it's outdoor camping, bedroom decor, a college dorm room, or a party setting.

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